Namfare with the mission of serving and being served to help customers solve difficult problems in the production process. We always set with the highest goal and the best quality when we work to the customer that they have trusts and confidences in all situations, all cases. In terms of what we can do, we always give our clients peace of mind to entrust difficult business tasks that cannot be solved to us.

Namfare - Your Faith and Confidence

We have a factory at KP9 Ben Cat Binh Duong. Warehouse at 70 Bui Van Binh Phu Loi Thu Dau 1 Binh Duong. And our affiliated facilities in Di An and Saigon. We always bring the best, fastest and most efficient services to our customers. And always prioritize customer opinions. We always offer the most cost-effective solutions for customers to choose. In the most difficult cases, we are always beside our customers to overcome them together.

Namfare - Your place of trust and confidence

Vision: Solve all the problems of machines and production process that customers are facing with the fastest time, the most optimal cost and to be efficiency. Mission: Serve and be served. Incorporating digital technologies into the production process brings efficiency. Values: Transparency, Fairness, Commitment, Connection, Acquiring quintessential human values, Creativity, pioneering, humanity and humanity. Objective: To occupy 10% of the market, distribute and repair automatic machinery in the whole country. Serving all large and small domestic customers, and targeting production and export, expanding factories and offices in all provinces in Vietnam.
Taxe Code: 3703122568
Hotline/ Zalo: 0937029193
Address:  Road DT741, An Loi Commune, Hoa Loi district, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam